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The Riley Farrells 

1. Father Christmas_The Kinks_2015

Irish Cover Songs

1. Fairy Tale by Shane MacGowan
2. Revolution_The Beatles_2015
2. Fields of Athenry by Pete St. John
3. Christmas Is A Time To Say I Love You
    Billy Squire_2014
3. Irish Rover by Joseph Crofts
4. War is Over_John and Yoko_2014
4. Town I Love So Well by Phil Coulter
5. The March_Gerard_2014
6. Blue Christmas_Elvis Presley_2013
7. Fairy Tale of New York
    Shane MacGowan_2013
5. The Streets of New York by Phil Coulter
6. Green & Red by The Saw Doctors
7. James Larkin by Donagh McDonagh
  8. Siege of Ennis_Gerard_2006

8. Clare to Here by Ralph McTell


Happy Birthday Mom

9. Christmastime_ Joe "Riley" Farrell, Gerard,         Owen from The Turning Mill_2006

10. Don't They Know It's Christmas_BandAid_2016

11. It's A Long Way To The Top_AC/DC_2016

Original Poems/Songs 

2. Ode to the Boss Man
3. Ode to the Boss Lady
4. Intro
5. Christmastime
6. Siege of Ennis
7. Lullaby for Ruadhan 
8. The March

9. The End - August 10th, 2018

10. "I Am In New York City"

12.If I Ever Leave This World Alive_Flogging Molly_2017

13. The Season's Upon Us_Dropkick Murphys_2017


Run Run Rudolph - The Riley Farrells

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